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About Doorstep Vet

DVM is headed by Dr. Kathryn Cutting who graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. She previously worked in a traditional small animal hospital before starting Doorstep Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Cutting has a special interest in preventative medicine, chronic disease management and infectious disease control. She has attended advanced training in internal medicine, ultrasound and public health. This included a 6-week internship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Kate Cutting

Her goal is to help pet owners become members of their pet’s healthcare team through education and excellent communication.  When not taking care of her community’s pets she loves to spend time with her son and husband, their two dogs Cooper and Lexi, and cat Shadow. 


I want to let my animal loving friends that I recommend this service-- I made my appointment and communicated by email, I first talked with Dr. Kate when she got to my house -- prompt - professional and capable of handling Sacha who hissed, growled and bared her teeth ! I was very glad I did not take the cats in the car! I didn't expect that from my kitty... Dr.Kate wasn't rattled and handled both cats with great kindness and care for their well check up and all needed immunizations. I was referred by my regular vet Chambers Creek-- I will still use their facility if more care is needed. ~ Sacha and Lilly's Mom